From private talks to large video conferencing

Twebcast's E-meet solves all types of video meetings.

E-meet is completely compatible with all other platform features. And with streams. Think about it as a virtual stage. A moderator selects who to broadcast when. Full screen, studio mode, shared presentation or a panel of speakers. You can broadcast up to 16 simultaneous panel members in each channel. But your audience can be of the thousands. You can also bring your audience closer by letting them request to speak and bring them onto the panel as well. Another option is to automatically broadcast everyone in smaller groups.

Moderator controls

Broadcast speakers

Studio mode to highlight speaker or studio channel

Control speakers settings (share desktop, mic, video)

and more...

Narrowing the gap between onsite and online

With E-summit, you can organize your online event as if it was a physical one, or create a hybrid event.

One of the most appreciated things with Twebcast is it's dynamics. When it comes to building an advanced online summit you might want to be able to have multiple rooms and stages, breakout sessions, virtual exhibition booths etc. With E-summit you can build your online event as you would build your onsite.

Interactivity modules for all occasions

Choose between a wide range of interactivity modules to activate and engage your audience.

Our goal: to make your audience feel as part producers of the event. The event is created together! Not as a one way line of communication. We've all seen too much of that. Interactivity - in different shapes and forms - is the answer. Real time segmentable data presented on any logged in screen when ever you want. And a toolbox full of engaging ways to inspire creativity and boost engagement.

Our Featurelist is

We have a long feature list, which makes it possible for you to create any type of event you have in mind

Host events for up to 20.000 participants

Custom design & layout

A typical conversation at Twebcast:"Hey Twebcast, can I change the..." "Yes!""Well okej, but how about the..." "Absolutely!""Oh wow, but wait I wouldn't be able to change.." "Already done!"Ok, this is not 100% true, we usually don't interrupt our customers. But it could be. Twebcast is completely designable in almost every aspect. Combine different views on the audiences screens, let them change over time, and add your own fonts, colors, backgrounds, logos, graphical elements, css or even JS. On top of that you can also create your own language for system generated messages. And all pages can look differently. Very useful for e.g. a fair or for diffentiating the super serious workshop from the glittering evening party.

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