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Participant handling & logistics

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Arranging events involves a lot of logistics in many different ways. Food, venues, transports, communication are some areas.

Working with a platform that is basically made to handle events makes it a lot easier. In Twebcast, you can always search for and filter out different segments among your participants. You can import, update and administer already registered participants and of course add new ones. We have an API that allows you to easily import and sync your excel files. And of course also export all or parts of your participants. A simple example might be to send a list of everyone who has allergies to the restaurant. A search for those who have written in some form of allergy, export a list, vips, a rather difficult logistical challenge has been solved.

You can communicate with affected parts of the audience, often there is no reason to send text messages to everyone, it may be enough with those who belong to breakout 1?

In Twebcast, it is possible to create specific search strings with AND and AND NOT, which means that you can do cross searches on several criteria. This means that you can always get exactly the segment you need.

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