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A wedding is one of the biggest and most important "events" there is. Sometimes it may be the only big event that someone arranges in life. A wedding is different from a corporate event but there are also many similarities.

A registration is a good start - who is coming, who needs a hotel room, who is allergic etc. During a wedding, toastmasters can send information to all or specific participants via text messages, push or emails.

With a digital platform, you can do so many things. Here are some ideas:

  • Send greetings to the wedding couple, both public and private.
  • Let the guests create a fantastic memory together with the help of photos that are submitted.
  • Create entertainment in the form of a quiz about the wedding couple
  • Let people who wish to give speeches sign up (this can be accessed by those who are toastmasters but not others)
  • Create word clouds with greetings to the couple
  • Slide show of submitted pictures / memories during dinner
  • Table seating and table friends
  • Icebreakers and topics of conversation
  • Biography about the guests
  • Chats and chat rooms

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