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A quiz will lighten up the mood and can be an educationally smart tool for reaching out with information and getting participants involved. But sometimes you need more advanced features to be able to create the perfect experience. The answer is often Twebcast game engine.

With Twebcast's gamification engine, it is possible to create game setups according to your own design.

In a regular quiz, there is only one correct answer, but with gamification you can control how many options that are correct and distribute different points for different answers. With these options, you can create completely new question types, e.g. create as many words as possible from an original word, guess how many coins there are in the jar (more points the closer to the correct answer you guess) etc. Only your imagination sets the limits.

You can also collect points for other actions in the platform, such as awarding points for each post you make in a chat, points for a submitted image or points for actually taking part of some information. This is usually a very good way to boost interactivity.

Last but not least, with the help of Twebcast game engine you can compete in teams. One version is that the team members collect points individually and the points are then added for the team - you can then see results both on individual level and team level - or you compete in team mode where you instead only give one answer from each team.

Tip! There are also several smart ways to connect digital competitions with physical tasks, such as puzzles, submitting pictures of tasks and more.

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