Yes, we probably have what you’re looking for.

We have a long feature list, which makes it possible for you to create any type of event you have in mind

Interactive modules

Interactivity is the very foundation of our platform, it is the reason we exist. Our interactivity features help you to engage your audience.
Customizable reactions
Comment flow
Branching questions
Matrix questions
Upvote questions
Free text
Multiple questions
Participant only mode
Image upload
Live results
Combined result views
Top lists
Word clouds
Image collages
Text collages
Ticker text

Running an event

We want you to be in full control over your event. You decide what to show where and when.
Live mode / control panel
Moderation of data
Participant handling
Randomized grouping
Live segmentation
Broadcasting and sharing
Moderator view

Online solutions

With the online solutions we open up a lot of possibilities, whether you want to run your event online or hybrid.
E-meet (video conference)
Ultra low latency stream
Live from tape
Watch party mode
Live audience wall
Speakers & sharing desktop
Requesting to speak
Speaker panel mode
One to one video chat
Preview speakers

Enhanced event features

Twebcast can be used for small meetings up to advanced demanding events.
Dynamic menues
Breakout sessions
Conditionally displayed content
Multiple presentation screens
Multiple participant tracks
Bundled events
Publishing page
Code blocks
Actions buttons
Global project code
Module based emails
Game engine


Think of Twebcast as your window to your audience. Completely brandable in in every little corner.
Client logo
Backgrounds, colors, fonts
Grid layout of page
Custom HTML, CSS, JS

Participant handling

There's a lot of administrative bumps for you to get over when you run an event. We help you get over those with ease.
Registration page
Log in page
Importing of lists
Guest handling
App and/or browser
Messaging & networking


Security is something we take very seriously. We want you and your participants to feel completely safe within our walls.
GDPR support
Password protection
Invited domains
Invite lists
Data encryption