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In Twebcast, there are two different types of chats which differ slightly. The different versions are good for different things.

Regular chat:

The regular chat works a bit like a facebook thread. You can reply to messages and you can respond to posts with emojis. In addition to this basic functionality, you can also open up for photo posts directly in the chat. This chat is well suited for slightly smaller audiences (up to 1000 people) as well as for chats that are not open for a very long time.

Live chat:

This type of chat can handle very large flows of posts but does not have as extended functionality. Imagine a fast flow of comments flowing past the screen, it's a live chat. For audiences with thousands of viewers, this is the best option. A live chat only keeps the last 20 posts in memory, as soon as a new one arrives, the first post in memory is deleted. This means that the participants' browsers and Twebcast's servers can handle large amounts of posts in a short time.

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