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Your way is the right way! Virtual, hybrid or onsite events, Twebcast is the most dynamic all-in-one platform out there and will powerfully support any idea you might have. Totally customizable for you and your clients event dreams.

All in one place

Registration view


Invite the audience to register for your event. In Twebcast you can choose from loads of ways to customize the registration to make it unique for your event: event page, waitlists, guest invitations, event information, participant limits, profile images, multistep registration, any number of data fields to be used anywhere in the event and more. Add your own design to make the page look and feel as your own.

Participant view with interactivity features in an event


Our main goal: to make your audience feel as part producers of the event. The event is created together! Not as a one way line of communication. We've all seen too much of that. Interactivity, in different shapes and forms, is the answer. Real time segmentable data presented at any logged in screen when ever you want. And a stack full of engaging ways to inspire to creativity and boost activity.

A breakout session in an Twebcast event


The question isn't to breakout or not to breakout. It's how. And how many times. And in what shape. With specific content? With automatic grouping or based on choice or imported data? With E-meet (video meetings) or without? With separate streams maybe? Or.... why not breakouts with group assignment in each one? Well, let's just say that in Twebcast you can mix and match and choose.

Participant view of a video meeting in a Twebcast event

Video meetings

Twebcast’s own tool for video meetings is called E-meet. It’s completely compatible with all other platform features. And with streams. Think about it as a virtual stage. A moderator selects who to broadcast when. Full screen, studio mode, shared presentation or a panel of speakers. You can broadcast up to 16 simultaneous panel members in each channel. But your audience can be of the thousands. You can also bring your audience closer by letting them request to speak and bring them onto the panel as well. Another option is to automatically broadcast everyone in smaller groups.

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Creating advanced events made simple

With Twebcast you can build unlimited variations of events, just by draging and dropping modules to a timeline.

A dynamic timeline

Build your event exactly as you want it.


Add as many tracks as you want. Tracks represent the number of screens you want in your event, e.g. participant screens, stage screens etc.


A timeline is a sequence of slots. Each slot represents the content that you show at every part of your event. You can build your slot with one or multiple modules and style your layout based on a grid system.


Modules are building blocks that you add to slots. They are the elements that your audience can see and interact with. You can choose between a wide range of modules such as slides, interactives, results etc.

Control and moderate your event

Live mode lets you run your event with full control.

Control screens

When your event is live you move the timeline forward using Twebcast's live mode. Each track can be controlled separately.


Communicate important information to your audience through live mode, e.g. text messages, event reminders, in app messages emails. etc. On the fly or scheduled beforehand.

Moderate data

You can handle all data around the audience with live mode, e.g. add/remove/change participant registration data, moderate incoming answers during the event, or send certain questions to the moderator of the event and much more.

Why Twebcast

Complete solution

Registration, event information, polls, game engine, multiple screens, surveys - Twebcast is a complete solution for the smallest workshops to the biggest arena events.


Build it your way! Twebcast is module based and will powerfully support any idea you might have. Customize it from the ground or start off with a template to get going fast.

Cloud based

Twebcast is cloud based and reachable all over the world 24/7. Your files and projects are automatically saved and backuped as long as you wish.


Twebcast is a secure platform, tested and approved by large organizations. From encrypted data and SSL to built-in GDPR handling. We can also offer SSO and use webfront by Amazon for reliable service.

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“To make it possible to interact with the participants and keep them engaged was crucial for us. With Twebcast we can connect our speakers with the audience and make them part of the online experience.”

Jacob Carlsson

Project Manager Events at Epicenter

“Twebcast's advanced interactivity and video within the same platform is simply amazing! It truly allows for creating complex and powerful online workshops, events and speeches!”

Jon Forsell

Speeker, Facilitator and Moderator at Happy Bear

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