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Registration, login & seat handling

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Sometimes you need more features in your registration than just email address and name. In Twebcast, it is possible to choose from many different types of fields for different purposes.

Twebcast detects if the participant already has an account and if he or she has already registered for the event. If the participant already exists, they can’t register again, only log in.

Twebcast also has a function for seat handling, both for the event as a whole and for parts of it, such as breakouts. When all seats at an event have been taken, people can be signed up on a waiting list. Waiting lists can be handled manually or automatically, e.g. when someone unsubscribes. You can choose whether you want to show the number of seats taken or whether it should be hidden. After registration, participants can be allowed to modify their own tasks and allow to unregister.

Twebcast also has support for guest management. You can let the participants invite their own guests and also choose whether guests should have access to the same information as other participants or not.

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