Become a Twebcast producer

Do you want to work with some of Scandinavia's strongest brands? Do you want to create cool event experiences for the participants? Do you like digital solutions and an ocean of possibilities? Then you now have the chance to join a training program and become a Certified Twebcast producer.

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How do I start?

To become a Certified Twebcast producer you will go through a programme containing three classes: Introduction class, Building foundation class, Advanced building class.

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Introduction class


In this class you will get an overall knowledge about Twebcast as a service and the possibilities of the platform.

About Twebcast

Presentation of the platform

How to build

Building foundations class


In this class you will start to build with the most foundational block of Twebcast events

Create interactivity

Build different scenarios

Work with video features

How to run an event

Advanced building class


In this class you will dive in to some of our more advanced functionalities

Create subprojects

Intro to design

Build with HTML, CSS, JS

Create your first demo

Perks of beeing a Twebcast producer

Work on demand

We will support you with clients and projects, you just need to update your availlbiaty and be ready!


As a producer you have a good hourly pay and can decide for yourself how much you want to make depending on how many projects you take on.

Platform training & support

When you become a Twebcast producer, you will get training in the platform, personal support, platform webinars, help center and more.

About Twebcast producer

Event is built and run on Twebcasts platform by both us and our partners daily. Our end customers are both national and international companies, associations, authorities and organizations. The event can be both digital or hybrid as well as physical. This means that you as a producer often also is at the place where the event is held / broadcast from.

Find an available programme

Class is free of charge

The class doesn't cost you anything, you just need to show up!

Personal Certification

After you've finished the class you will get a personal Certification of beeing a Twebcast producer.

Listed in our freelance pool

You will be listed in our freelance pool where clients can find you, which also gives you the opportunity to get hired for other parts regarding event creation.

Contact with our partners

In a lot of projects you will work together with our partners, which will widen your network and business opportunities.

Join more classes to become better

We will continue to offer classes where you can join in to deepen your skills.

Your own Twebcast account where you can practice

When starting the class you will get a Twebcast account, where you can build test events and practice.

What we expect from you

An important part of producing in Twebcast is to be curious. To ask the customer what choices they want the participants to make and how the answers will be used. To care about how things look and is perceived is of importance. To be technical and understand and know basic HTML
and CSS helps out.

Feel ready to get started?

Let's turn you into a producer!