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With our check-in solution you can easily check in all participants at the door when they arrive.

Check-in at your event offers many benefits. If you choose to check in people, you know exactly who took part in presentations and any sensitive data. If you have an event where security is really in focus, you can also choose to check out people who leave the room. Then you know who was in the room at any given time.

Another thing is the fire risk aspect or if something else happens. In case of fire, the organizer knows exactly which participants are physically present.

You might also want to share information only with those who actually show up physicall. Then people can not follow the event digitally and see what questions appear, take part of chats etc. Some companies are rightly worried about espionage. With check-in switched on, the security is significantly increased.

Tip:You can administer give aways and drink tickets via check-in.

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