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Safety is a big matter and for many events absolutely crucial. Critical data is often handled, if the wrong people gain access to it, can have devastating consequences. Twebcast has for a long time worked with security on several different levels.


As for the participants, it all starts with a registration. Twebcast always uses 2-step verification of email address to be able to guarantee that the email address is actually managed by the right person.You can choose to whitelist specific domains or a list of email addresses that should have the right to register for the event.We also offer verification via Bank ID, which is the highest form of security.It is possible to have events with only passwords or with registration without verification, but these methods are very insecure.


An extra layer of security is to use check-in. Then the participant must be physically on site (also works digitally) to be checked in to be admitted to the event and get access to what is happening there.

Server security:

In Twebcast, all traffic is encrypted, including video streams, which means that you can not watch streams outside the event.We have also performed penetration tests against our entire server environment and are certified via Secify.


Each account / group is separated and may have different users with different rights. Think about who you invite as a user to your account and what rights the person in question should have. We also have the possibility to create hierarchies in the form of subgroups if you need to invite people who need access to specific parts of the group.


In the spring of 2022, we have done a big job in security to SOC2 type II certification. This certification guarantees a very high level of security that very few event platforms can offer. Read more about our SOC2 type II certification

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