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Twebcast has an integrated ultra low latency stream built into the platform. We have chosen to only offer ultra low latency because nothing else today meets the standard needed to run events with participant interaction in real time, in our opinion. Our stream has a delay of about 1 second, which makes it so fast that you can even have call-ins with guests via video who can talk directly to the studio (video talking directly to the stream). If you have a streaming solution with low / normal latency (anything between 5-30 sec delay), there are many interactive and video-based elements that don’t work in a nice way.

In addition, we have built the platform so that a streaming module doesn’t need to be reloaded even if you change the slide. This allows you to change your layout and move your video window without the stream cutting or reloading.

Via Twebcast, you get a streaming key which you then use in any streaming program.

If you have your own streaming provider, you can also embed any player via iframe.

Tip: Streaming software

You can use any software or hardware you want to stream to Twebcast.

Some of the most common programs used are:

Very competent program that is widely used. Perhaps the biggest advantage is that it is open source and completely free and yet very stable.

Wirecast is also widely used but has a known problem with ultra low latency stream. If you just set your settings correctly, everything works perfectly.

vMix is also one of the most used programs and works great.

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