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Create better audience engagement

Enter a world where your team can manage, build and control a truly unique event experience

Twebcast for event agencies

Empowering you to bring your event vision to life

Enter a dynamic world where you and your team can create engaging event experiences with full freedom, tailored for your clients.

Digital, physical and hybrid events with everything you need before, during and after your event.

Step in to a world of more engaging events

Meet Twebcast.
An event platform where your team can manage, build and control truly unique event experiences

Step in to a world of more engaging events

Meet Twebcast.
An event platform where your team can manage, build and control truly unique event experiences

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Track 2


Build your completely unique structure in our timeline. For large events as well as small ones, for onlines as well as on-sites. Registration, content, communication, engagement, and evaluation.


Keep your audience alert and engaged with the help of interactive moments. Reactions, chats, polls, quizzes, word clouds, networking image collages and much more.



Track everything that has happened at the event. Share specific data with stakeholders for smooth logistics, learn from insights, and become a sharper event organizer every time.

Create all your events in one place

Enter a world where your team can manage, build and control a truly unique event experience

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Celebrating 150 Years of Innovation

During five days, 600 participants from a large International Industrial company gathered to celebrate.

Digitalize in stockholm

Digitalize in Stockholm a global event hosted in Stockholm


This year's Guldmyran were awarded at Sergel Hub in central Stockholm. With 200 people in place and a much larger audience watching the broadcasts online, we created a solemn engaging afternoon.
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Handle all participant
logistics, data and

01 - Dashboard

Your project overview

Get full overview and control over your project. A collection of widgets that lets you track the activities in your project and gives you shortcuts to frequently used actions.

02 - Invite & communicate

Design, schedule & send

Create customized invitations and track your participants journey. Communicate easily with emails, push notifications and text messages.

03 - Participant groups

Dynamic segmentation

Create different types of participant segments that can be used for anything throughout your event, from communication, to content control, interesting result analyses and division in groups.

04 - Analyze & share

Data visualization

One unified database. Track all data with our analysis tool. Share online data with stakeholders through shareable secure links. No more need for sending different excel  versions.



Design your event, add
content and functionality and
shape your unique timeline.
Use our out of the box
templates for ultra
fast production.

01 - Timeline

Flexible structure

Build a flow that matches your agenda and engages your participants. Create different simultaneous paths in your program and create more personalized experiences.

Track 1
Track 2
02 - Visual builder

Simple visual editing

Drag & drop features and content to create your pages. Edit all content visually and intuitively.

A completely open canvas to collaborate and invent your event based on a powerful WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) editor.

03 - Customization

Tailor the experience

Personalized menues, tracks, subevents and  more. Utilize various criteria and conditions to target your audience segments.

04 - Theme

Add an identity

Incorporate your client's visual profile so the audience feel at home. Brand and style all the way.



Achieve total control over
your live event. Orchestrate
all logged in screens.

01 - Timeline control

Your control panel

Follow the pace of your event, keep track of every detail and control what is shown on every screen.

02 - Moderation


Moderate incoming posts and send specific questions to speakers. Broadcast speakers and others in a video meeting.

03 - Real time data

Live data overview

Get an overview of real time streaming data, participant activity and results with segmentation and filtering.

04 - Content control

Control live actions

Open and close items such as menu pages. Toggle actions and send real time effects - such as a confetti rain - for a stronger event experience for participants.

Easier event production

Watch your challenges disappear

No more scattered data in multiple tools

Simplify your event management process with Twebcast's all-in-one platform. Easily track behaviors and identify areas for improvement for your next event.

Security first

We are SOC 2 certified, making it easier for your clients when security is crucial. With a reliable foundation, you can efficiently scale your business and meet your customers' needs.

Handle the whole event with one single tool

Avoid lock-in problems

Stay ahead of the fast-paced event industry with Twebcast's full control and flexibility. The platform is flexible enough to follow changing needs and requests.

Say goodbye to inconsistent audience engagement

Keep your audience engaged where they are with one tool for a seamless user experience.

Intuitive for your clients

Let your clients easily manage registrations, participant lists, and get an overview of the event's data.

Join us

Unlock the Potential of Your Events

Twebcast provides event agencies with a comprehensive set of features designed to enhance customization options, provide detailed analytics, and boost attendee engagement. With our platform, you have full control over creating unique and memorable events.

Community possibilities

Find new customers and collaborations through our network.

Get exclusive discounts

As a partner with Twebcast, you have access to advantageous prices and offers.

Track data over time

With multiple events in Twebcast, you can analyze overarching data and demonstrate success factors to your clients.

Be adaptable to change

Events and trends are constantly evolving. With Twebcast, you can ensure that you cover a large part of the event market and thus always stay current in the moment.

"It was great to see how every single person in the audience participated"

Peter Settman


“To make it possible to interact with the participants and keep them engaged was crucial for us. With Twebcast we can connect our speakers with the audience and make them part of the online experience.”

Jakob Carlsson

Project Manager Events at Epicenter

“Twebcast's advanced interactivity and video within the same platform is simply amazing! It truly allows for creating complex and powerful online workshops, events and speeches!”

Jon Forsell

Speeker, Facilitator and Moderator at Happy Bear

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