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Celebrating 150 Years of Innovation

During five days, 600 participants from a large International Industrial company gathered to celebrate. They are a company driven to create a better tomorrow, focusing on innovation and sustainability, and we were honored to develop and deliver a high-tech solution for a complex event to bring all guests a flawless event experience.

One of their main focuses was that they needed a seamless solution to tailor information and create five different events in one umbrella event. All unique events came together when they met under the same roof in Stockholm. They needed to be able to communicate and engage their attendees at multiple locations at the same time with different outputs for each group of participants.

Our mission was to make sure all guests had the correct information at the right time, before, during, and after the events, and to make sure they were engaged and able to connect - and keep it as simple as possible for the event leaders to manage.

And this is how we did it:

  • We branded five different sub-events to match their vision for the event. Making sure the landing pages and the registrations were aligned with the creative view of the event.
  • We created dynamic agendas, so each person's schedule was segmented based on different groups of participants and days. We also segmented the participant view to help them tailor information for their guest, e.g., table seating.
  • Ensured the check-in and check-out options were up to security standards to ensure the right people entered each venue.
  • We build a networking space and Q&A forums to make it easy for people to connect, chat, and ask questions. And we created a social wall for people to share images and text, with the option to reply to each other.
  • We engaged the audience during the events with playful interaction inside the app. We used polls and quizzes with different styles of results, e.g., word cloud and stickers. We also used our game engine function, with a leaderboard, to keep the score for some interaction - to make it more playful.
  • With push notifications, the event team could send out reminders and messages to the participants throughout the event.

We were happy to be able to give them an all-in-one solution from registration to activation and information so that they could easily communicate with the attendees, making changes throughout the event and, at the same time, achieving a fun and safe environment for the participants.

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