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Multiple breakouts with full control is something that can be difficult to achieve. With Twebcast, it is possible to connect several projects that make it very easy.

Each breakout can be handled by a separate project. With this setup, each breakout gets its own timeline and gives you full control. You can control different breakouts independently of each other, but the participants are always on the same event link. Once in the event, you can choose whether the participants should automatically end up in their breakout via a choice in the registration, via a menu where they themselves choose a breakout or if you have divided the participants in advance.

Breakouts can also be managed via Twebcast's "Groups" or "Tables" if you want the same functionality in all groups. The participants are then divided into groups and moved into their group automatically.


It is also possible to use the same scenario for a fair/expo where each booth can change what happens at each time.

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