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Smaka på Trollhättan

May ended with a hybrid Food Festival and a virtual restaurant experience during “Smaka på Trollhättan”.
The dinner consisted of a specially composed tasting menu in Twebcast’s virtual restaurant, where guests could book tables for up to ten who eat and socialize together in a video conference room. Before each new dish, a chef came in and presented the food and for the food, the guests were treated to entertainment in the form of music and stand up.
For the past year, we have challenged ourselves every single day to help people experience and do things together, even though they could not be seen physically. In this project, we have been able to use the entire register of ideas and experiences we have managed to gather, says Jörgen Dyssvold, event and experience designer at Herr Omar who helps Smaka på Trollhättan to create experiences that can be distributed to participate remotely.
We at Twebcast are happy that we were commissioned to create the virtual restaurant together with Herr Omar.

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