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Guldmyran 2022

This year's Guldmyran were awarded at Sergel Hub in central Stockholm. With 200 people in place and a much larger audience watching the broadcasts online, we created a solemn engaging afternoon. Congratulations to all prize winners! Carin da Silva gave the award gala extra star shine while Toni and Daniel were drilled in the art of creating a living, digital presence. We follow the development with excitement.

Guldmyran pays tribute to Sweden's best IT project. HP & Hewlett Packard Enterprise has the privilege of collaborating with the country's leading IT companies. In 2003, we established Guldmyran, a prize that has since been awarded annually in order to draw attention to our partners and the pioneering IT projects they carry out.New technology plays an important role in dealing with many of the challenges of our time. Based on the UN's 17 sustainability goals, IT is of great importance in most areas, either by directly replacing old working methods and methods or by disseminating knowledge and creating understanding.When we reward brave, pioneering and successful projects, Guldmyran also contributes to spreading knowledge. We hope will be a source of inspiration for IT procurers throughout Sweden.Daniel Antonsson, HPToni Drk, HPE

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