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Video meeting

Elevate your event experiences with Twebcast's video meeting feature called Emeet.

Drink tickets

Sometimes it's a simple feature that makes all the difference for an organizer. Drink tickets are as simple as they are efficient, but can make a big difference and make it a lot easier.


Text messages, push notifications, in-app notifications or emails, Twebcast supports all types of event communication.

Participant handling & logistics

Arranging events involves a lot of logistics in many different ways. Food, venues, transports, communication are some areas we make easier to handle.

Travel app

The travel app is an efficient way to spread information, communicate and manage logistics.


Our webcasting services cover a range of features. Use our ultra low latency stream, embed your own or use our Live from tape feature for your live stream event.

Event website

With our event website builder, you can create a custom website for your event. Easily manage event registration and provide all necessary information about your event in one place.

Registration, login & seat handling

Our event registration feature makes it easy for people to sign up for your event. It's user-friendly and can be customized to your needs.


Sometimes you need more advanced features to be able to create the perfect experience. The answer is often Twebcast game engine.


We have a large number of different forms of polls both in terms of input methods and different forms of results. Buttons with one or more answers, image answers, ranking, scales etc.

Multiple screens

We offer easy and flexible screen arrangements. Have multiple screens, show questions and results, and mirror screens. No advanced systems needed.


Multiple breakouts with full control is something that can be difficult to achieve. With Twebcast, it is possible and we make it very easy.


Networking is one of the most important aspects of any event. Whether it's physical, digital, or hybrid, we're providing the best networking experience possible.


Twebcast offers both Live and Regular chat options. Regular chat is ideal for smaller audiences and shorter chats, while Live chat can handle larger audiences and high volumes of posts.

Check-in app

With Twebcast's Check-in app, checking in all event participants is a breeze. Our check-in feature is a great solution for event security, making sure who is present at the event, and who has left.


Learn how to create static and dynamic segments to better organize your participants in your project with Twebcast's event segmentation feature.


We got you covered with the wedding logistics around your guests, to let you focus on the right things of the event.

Video wall

Twebcast's video wall feature creates a bridge between online and onsite events, allowing everyone to join with their video and become a visible part of the event.


Safety is a big matter and for many events absolutely crucial. Twebcast has for a long time worked with security on several different levels.


Twebcast offers moderation as a standard feature. Depending on the type of event, moderating incoming posts can be necessary.

Control anything via API

Twebcast API lets you control anything and create a fully customized experience for your audience. With our integrated result API, you can get raw Json data in real time directly from Twebcast.

Live from tape

Create the perfect illusion of a live event using chats and other interactivity together with a pre-recorded livestream.