Twebcast specifications


Twebcast is an advanced platform for creating real time interactive experiences. The platform consists of many different parts and can be used for creating everything connected to events but can also be used for other interactive occasions.



As an account holder in the platform you can create different projects. A project consists of a timeline divided into slots (time events/steps). On a timeline you can also have several tracks for different screens or audience segments. Projects can be created from scratch from templates or by copying another project.



A project can have multiple events connected. An event is a separate database, so all data gathered in an event is in its own silo. This is the main reason for creating multiple events but is also very convenient for testing purposes or for recurrent happenings.


Different platform clients:


Since Twebcast mainly is a tool for real time experiences and orchestration we provide a control panel (“live mode”) from where you as a sender pilot your timeline. It’s also from the live mode client a producer can handle and monitor participants and answers.



Multiple number of screens can be connected to a project/timeline. A screen can show any type of content modules but are mostly used for showing results in a studio or on a stage.



This is where all polls, streams and content show up, a dynamic web page programmed from your timeline.



The checkin client is used to checkin participants in a fast way. A powerful tool to see who really showed up physically on an event for example. There is also a checkin-app for iOS



Twebcast is module based and all content is built in modules that you place on a project timeline. This could be anything from simple slides to complete webpages, polls, streaming content etc. A producer is able to combine different types of modules to create a quiz, a survey or other type of experiences.

·   Interactables - Many different types of polls and input types such as free text, sliders, options buttons or chats to mention some different types.

·   Slides - An empty page to fill with content of your choice.

·   Results   - Connect a result to a question and make the result visible.

·   Stream – Ultra low latency stream ingested straight into the project.


In addition to modules there are also several different block types to fill the modules with. Rich text editor, code blocks, Agenda block, Countdown timer blocks etc.



Event registration is built into the platform and handles all agreements automatically accordingly to meet GDPR regulations.



Ultra low latency stream is provided within the platform.



Video conference via web-RTC. E-meet gives the participants the opportunity to speak with each other in groups or in private chats or to call in to the studio.

Twebcast has randomized or pre decided grouping possibilities. As a producer you can also decide where and when E-meet should be available for the audience.



The platform offers different ways of communicating with the audience. Email, SMS/text messages, push notifications and in app notifications.


Mobile applications:

We provide an app for iOS and Android devices. The app is necessary for push notifications. The app can also be used together with a publishing page for all Customer produced events.