What are Hub Meetings, and why do I need to care?

Gisela Grerup
February 1, 2024
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The days of physical meetings being the standard are long gone, and various new formats have taken over the stage - digital, hybrid, and hub meetings. Hub meetings were practically unheard of just a few years ago but are becoming increasingly common. So, what exactly is a hub meeting, and how can you use it?

What it is:

A hub meeting is a format that digitally connects several different physical conferences. Groups of participants are physically present at two or more "hubs," such as in Stockholm, Gothenburg, and Malmö. Participants in every location interact with each other while simultaneously engaging with groups at other hubs through digital technology. Each hub is, in essence, its own physical meeting while also being a part of a more significant larger virtual meeting, making it an engaging and interactive meeting format.

Note that a hub meeting should be distinct from a hybrid meeting, where individuals are physically present at a location while others connect digitally from home e.g.. Hub meetings are often used to gather and engage employees, partners, customers, or stakeholders from various regions, countries, or continents on equal terms. This format removes obstacles posed by traveling and enables local meetings to connect through technical solutions.

Advantages of a Hub Meeting:

  • A more sustainable travel option. It lowers travel costs, saves time for participants and the company, and potentially leads to more participants. According to studies, transitioning from an in-person to a virtual format reduces carbon footprint by 94%!
  • Rental and venue costs will be reduced since meetings can occur on a company's premises during work hours.
  • Interaction and collaboration enhance participant engagement compared to purely digital meetings since the spirit of exchange and sharing is preserved. People meet and exchange in each hub while sharing the event virtually with each other.
  • It creates more freedom for the event organization since you can adapt for each region but still have a common theme.
  • You create opportunities for networking with other on-site and remote participants, making it easy to build relationships and strengthen collaboration that helps generate better teamwork results.

Some features you can use that are integrated in our platform:

→  Segment teams and groups based on predetermined rules

→ Use low-latency stream and have multiple screens options

→ Use E-meet and have a camera in each hub to broadcast different teams and speakers

→ Add reactions to excite and engage your teams

→ …and have Hub-specific reactions 😎

→ Different networking options within hubs

→ Check-in and drink tickets for specifik locations

→ Create quizzes between different hubs

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