Boost survey engagement and prove ROI to the C-suite: 4 essential tips

Gisela Grerup
February 1, 2024
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Getting the insights you need to show C-suite ROI depends heavily on survey completion and response rates, and that starts with creating better surveys. The most engaging surveys are enjoyable for your participant and will yield rich data for the company. So here are our top 4 tips to create the best survey.

1. Tell your employees why their opinions are valued.

  • Your employees want to be heard and feel valued, so be honest and tell them why you are collecting feedback and how the information will be used, for example:
  • Describe that your HR team is evaluating the effect of your team activities and that you are looking for new ideas that will lead to new and improved events and activities for the team.

2. Keep it short and sweet.

  • A survey should never take more than 4-5 minutes to answer -  but aim for 2-3 minutes.
  • Surveys that start with multiple-choice questions tend to have higher completion rates because these types of questions are easy to answer.
  • Use one-line questions. It should be easy for the participants to take a stand and use pre-selected answers, for example:
  • On a scale of 1-5, would you rate the___?
  • Which activities did you enjoy the most: Option 1, Option 2,  Option 3.

3. Ask questions your team will love to answer, making it feel like a conversation.

  • Treat your surveys like a casual conversation between two people, and make sure your employees understand the questions by creating straightforward, easy-to-read questions.
  • Make the first question fun to pique their interest to continue; use your internal fun facts and other happenings that are personalized for your company and team.
  • The type of questions you ask can dramatically change respondents’ experience. Optimizing for question types that reduce the amount of work respondents have to do can lead to a more engaging survey, but including a few open-ended options ensures that your respondents still have space to voice their thoughts.

4. Don’t send out the survey after the event.

  • This one might sound a bit weird, but let's face it: you must make it part of the program. If it only takes 2 minutes from your daily plan, would you have time to ask them to take their phones up when they sit down and listen to you?
  • You can even make the last question a word-cloud response that you can display on a big screen to tie up the whole event and make an astounding closing.
  • Or try to spread out the “survey questions during the event. Do you need to ask all questions at the end? If you have a moderation, why not combine question in between that feels more engaging? It's still valuable data for your ROI.

Build your event and create a fantastic ROI survey with us.

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