Are you considering using digital drink tickets for your next event?

Gisela Grerup
September 12, 2023
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Digital drink tickets are as simple as they are effective and can make a big difference when it comes to creating fun and successful events. Drink tickets work just as well at corporate events as they do at rosé parties during summer!

Spring is finally here, and around the corner comes summer with many corporate events and summer parties. Maybe it's time to invest in digital drink tickets? Curious about how it works, here’s a Q&A Gisela Grerup, founder of Twebcast.

Tell us a little bit about yourself and Twebcast!

Twebcast has been around for over 10 years and was one of the first solutions when it comes to digital audience interactions at events. I started Twebcast together with Axel Zaar and our ambition has always been to smoothly help our customers fulfill their event dreams without having to struggle with several different tools. The platform is incredibly flexible with support for most of what you may need when it comes to the participant side of an event.

How do digital drink tickets work?

Actually, you can simply call them tickets. It works just as well to use them for food coupons, giveaways or, for example, a bus ticket. The event organizer decides how many, what kind they should be, when they should be activated, how long they should be valid and whether it is self-service or not.

What are the advantages?

The advantages of digital tickets are that they are very easy to manage in every way. You avoid paper tickets, so it is also good from an environmental perspective. Digital tickets are neat, easy to use, and you get full control of the statistics. Bar staff and event organizers can constantly follow how many tickets of which kind have been used. Digital tickets can also be distributed at different times without you as an organizer having to physically distribute them. Finally, you do not need to keep track of paper tickets that the bar staff has put in different piles ... It really saves time!

Are there any disadvantages?

For example, you cannot give your ticket to a friend and ask him or her to pick up the drink. Instead, the person who goes must use two of their own tickets. Some restaurants and bars are also not yet fully used to this way of handling drink tickets, so it may require some training.

When is it suitable to use digital drink tickets?

It really suits all events where you want to distribute tickets of some kind to the participants and where the participants have a mobile phone with them. It can be anything from conferences, trade shows, weddings, PR events, and bus trips.

Can I design them to match my company profile?

Absolutely! You can brand them to fit in with the event and match your corporate profile.

Finally, do you have any cases to share?

At a major golf tournament in Canada, players and spectators could pick up food and drinks with their digital tickets depending on which category they belonged to. There was a lot of beer noted on the spectator tickets while those who played mostly stuck to energy drinks! As an organizer, you get very good statistics on the consumption of what is offered, which is incredibly good information to have for the next event!

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