Interactive sessions

Engagement is a cornerstone of successful events, with various interactive options to achieve different goals. In Twebcast, we offer a range of engaging interactables. You can explore the list below or try them out in our interactive demo here.


  • Keep questions and options concise, especially for a mobile-friendly view.

  • Choose interactables purposefully based on your intended results and desired outcomes.

  • Customize settings such as multiple choice, changeable answer or not , and whether answering is required.

  • Display real-time results on a large screen for various types of interactivity.

  • Match the results with the interactables; for example, use word clouds for single-word answers, text collages for a bit longer responses and bar/pie charts for option interactable.

Plan the flow of your interactive session:

  • Decide whether participants move automatically to the next question or encounter an in-between placeholder.

  • Choose whether participants can navigate questions themselves.

  • Control when participants see questions, especially when aligning with a stage program.

For further information of our features, visit our website.

See list of interactables and results below, interactables to the left and results to the right.

Upvote questions
Multiple questions
Matrix questions
Image upload
Game engine
Free text
Customizable reactions
Branching questions
Word clouds
Top lists
Ticker text
Text collages
Multiple presentation screens
Live segmentation
Image collages
Customizable reactions
Comment flow
Combined result views