Data & event statistics

At Twebcast, we're dedicated to delivering comprehensive data solutions. We empower you to segment data and extract value and as much insights as possible from each event. This includes specifics like, visited slots, questionnaire responses, communication statistics, and event-specific data that participants has answered to.

Under the "Manage" section, you have the option to export participant data in the form of an Excel list. This export includes collected information, responses to questions, and other event-specific data associated with your participants. Additionally, within the "Manage" section, you can access communication statistics, such as the number of messages sent, opened, and bounced, among other relevant metrics.

Our latest addition to help you to gather data and analyze your event is the section "Analytics" also found in the "Manage" stage.

This section is designed to provide you with an overview of your event data and metrics, offering various visualization options to help you analyze and understand your data more effectively. Additionally, you can export the visualized data for further analysis or reporting purposes. (Example pictures provided for reference below.)

In addition to our backend visualization and data analytics, we offer customizable result modules featuring diverse formats such as bar charts, pie charts, word clouds, and top lists, among others. These modules are versatile, suitable for display on large screens during events, and equally valuable for post-event data visualization. This flexibility allows you to seamlessly integrate event data visualization while following your branding guidelines. (Example pictures provided for reference below.)

After the event, your data is stored safely within your event's default storage for 14 days. Following this period, it is anonymized, maintaining a strong emphasis on privacy and data security.

Our commitment isn't a one-time effort; we continuously evolve. We enhance data collection methods, refine systems, and offer new, effective solutions based on your evolving needs.

We understand that effective data utilization is necessary for your success and to be able to gather useful insights from each event, and we're here to support you every step of the way.

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