Producer Terms and Conditions v.22.3

Twebcast’s Producer terms & conditions

In these terms Twebcast AB, org. no. 556819-2917, is referred to as “Twebcast”. 

These terms and conditions (the “Terms”) applies to you as an event organizer (“Producer”) on our platform and as a Producer you have access to our event production and management features. 

Twebcast provides a web-based platform for attending and producing digital events. 

The Producer produces projects and events and can publish events to someone or everyone.

Unified account. Your user account can  be used to access our other, event production, and management features, as a Producer. The Terms apply to you as a Producer of our platform in addition to the User Terms & Conditions. 

Event terms & conditions. It is the Producer’s responsibility to create an event agreement through the platform for the participant to approve prior to the event, in case any personal data is requested in order to attend the event. 

The Producer is responsible for the event terms whereas it is important to read and understand the event terms as a Producer, in order to be able to comply with the Producer responsibilities towards the participant. Any activities not covered by the general event terms must be captured in a separate custom event agreement provided by the Producer, which each participant will have to approve in order to access the event. Twebcast provides event terms and custom event terms however the Producer will have the sole responsibility to ensure that these terms fit the actions and activities carried out within the event.

Responsibilities of the Producer. The Producer is responsible for the use of the platform and its services, also in the aspect of setting up the project/event correctly to make it work. Twebcast is never responsible for malfunctions in the platform or app caused by fault in the set-up or configuration of an event.

Twebcast is not responsible for available internet connection or physical equipment.

The Producer must ensure that registration/log-in information, security procedures and other information, to which the participants have access to in order to use Twebcast, is treated as confidential information. The Producer is also responsible for immediately informing Twebcast in the event that any unauthorized person has obtained knowledge of such information.

The Producer is responsible for any actions carried out within the platform or any information that the Producer distribute in connection with the platform. Twebcast will not, under any circumstances, be responsible for unlawful or illegal actions carried out by the producer within the Twebcast platform.

Personal data. Participants register for events, anonymously or with personal data by visiting the event website made available by the Producer.

Participants who register for an event understand that they can be contacted by Producer. Producers may only contact participants with important event related information, unless specifically requested in a separate agreement between the participant and the event organizer or in the event terms. 

It is the sole responsibility of the Producer/event organizer to process any personal data in lawful and correct manner according to applicable data protection laws.

The Producer must always provide correct contact details to the event organizer when publishing an event.

Participants will not be able to join identified (not anonymous) events that are published without approving Twebcast’s general event terms, directly as part of registration, or indirectly by separate agreement between the event organizer and Twebcast.

Any event including personal data of the Participants is subject to data processing by Twebcast through the provision of the platform. For this purpose, the Parties have entered into a Data Processing Agreement (“DPA”). The DPA is an integral part of these Terms. The DPA is made available on Twebcasts website: [länk]. A signed copy will be made available upon request.

For more information about how Twebcast handle personal data of participants we refer to our data policy.

Ownership and property rights 

All intellectual property rights and other rights related to the Twebcast platform and its services are Twebcast’s property, and no ownership of intellectual property rights is transferred through these Terms. Nothing in these Terms shall constitute a transfer of any intellectual property rights or other similar rights to you, other than to use the platform and its services as expressly stated in these terms and conditions.  

For data created by the Producer on the Twebcast platform all intellectual property rights and other rights to such data it is considered the property of the Producer. 

The Producer, or any other person the Producer grants access for, is not entitled to decrypt, decompile, deconstruct or try to derive or create source code from the Twebcast platform.

Updated Terms

Twebcast may update these Terms at any time, but we will either notify you by posting a notice on the platform or by email or by some other means. If you don't accept the new Terms, you will no longer be able to use the platform as a Producer. Your use of the platform in any way following notification by Twebcast constitutes your acceptance of Terms in their modified form.