Design & formats


  • Logotype -  500px width, PNG or SVG with transparent background
  • Font - Opentype/Truetype
  • Color codes - Hexcolors
  • Background color/image (not to much text or distracting patterns)
  • Banners (optional)
  • Event image (For registration confirmation and picture in app)

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  • Any text (or other content) on the reg page
  • Any text (or other content) on the landing page
  • Any text and image for the registration email - otherwise it says
    ”Thank you for the registration” together with the information you signed up with.
  • When it comes to content you can send any internal ppt or newsletter with the information that you have or any other specific content you would like to have in the app.


  • Background desktop: landscape format (1920 x 1080px)
  • Background mobile: portrait format (414 x 896px)
  • Background presentation view/screen: landscape format (1920 x 1080px)
  • Keep in mind that the same background image should work both for different screen sizes and different screen orientations. (it is also possible to have different on desktop and mobile view)
  • Our grid editor allows you to divide a page into many components which you can then fill with different features.
  • Not too heavy images/videos (the file should not weigh too much, images under 1 MB)
  • When Twebcast adds design: Feel free to deliver graphics in PNG/JPG or alternatively as a PSD in layers. Videos in mp4 format.