Production timeline

Sometimes, you don’t have the time to create that unforgettable, extraordinary, one-of-a-kind - event by yourself and want our experience and expertise at Twebcast to do it for you.

Don’t worry; we got your back! Here is our production timeline and guideline; this is for your and our sake so that we can deliver the best and most customized event experience for you.

Start-up meeting
Including developed brief from the client, design material, and project structure.
First draft from Twebcast's side
Based on information and content delivered, we will come back with a first draft of the structure and design of your event and it's functions.
Half-time assessment
Go through status and report of hours spent.
Last corrections are made before final review and functionality testing together.
Last Corrections and final review
Content delivery 1
After an initial meeting, we proceed with the first content delivery to start crafting our first draft.
Corrections and Content Delivery 2
After reviewing the initial draft, we continue with additional content provided by you as a client. Furthermore, we'll refine the design and functionality based on the feedback you provide.
Go-through and last feedback
At this stage, we've undergone two iterations involving content additions, corrections, and functional improvements. Now, it's time for go-through of final event and structure with last feedback from client.
Locked site 1 week before
One week before the event, we will lock the event with its structure, content, and design. Tests/run-throughs and quality assurance commences.

Involve us early

We like to be involved early on, where we can guide our client with all possibilities of Twebcast. Therefore, we encourage you to involve us, book a brainstorming meeting, and get an overall brief before the event starts.

With the given information and breif of the project, we give you an estimation of the project scope.