It is not unusual that an event sometime before or during requires a check-in to keep count of participants, to be able to enter the event, or to unlock further features.

In Twebcast the check-in function is simply a setting that you can turn on, and a check-in module will show up in your timeline default, and after that, you can place it wherever you need and want in your event.

Types of check-in

Self-check-in: With this setting, you can download a QR code that you can print and keep on-site where the participants can check-in.

Check-in: When you don’t have self-check-in, an individual or staff will handle the check-in on-site.

In your settings, you can also decide and add those who should handle the check-in on-site.

They will then have another field once they log in Twebcast app. You usually have “All events” and “My events.” Those added to the event will also see “Check-in” where they can handle the participant check-in directly in the app. See the check in steps below.

Frame 1: On the Twebcast landing page, look for the "Check-in" option located at the top-right corner in the lobby.

Frame 2: Once you enter the check-in view, explore the landing page for this specific section.

Frame 3: Use the search function to locate participants easily.

Frame 4: Access the list of all participants who have checked out.

Frame 5: Access the list of all participants who have checked in.

Frame 6: Utilize the scan function, which offers several options:

- Scan to check in or use a ticket.
- Scan to check out.
- Scan to search for specific participants.

In the images provided below, you can see the default design of the QR code, which indicates whether it has been used or not by participants.

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