How we work
with you


First step - We match.

After a first meeting and brief, we will map and customize your project scope, needs, and timeline. (See Production timeline)

Contact person

You will get a contact person to help you accomplish your specific needs - If that is to learn and master your events from start to finish—our help to produce a high-end customized event.

Account creation

We will create a group for your company and a profile in our backend where you have endless access and where you can create projects and events of your needs. Let your creativity be free.

Google Drive link

We will share a drive with you where you can upload information and materials needed for every event. We will not accept personal data via e-mail; this needs to be transferred through a designated Google Drive link.

Organize your event space

Once you are in, you can build your hub of themes, templates, and folders and automate your event processes. Brand your events specifically after each event or client's needs. From here, you have the complete control from start to end.

We're there to help

When you need support, our goal is to give you an answer and support within 24h.

Half-time assessment

When we work on a larger project with you, we assess hours spent half-time.

Add-ons to project plan

Add-ons to the event after the agreed project scope and estimation will affect the budget.

Last minute changes

More significant changes and add-ons, within a week before the event, can result in a late-minute surcharge.

Production timeline

We work with a generic timeline (See Production timeline). For more significant events, we will make a complete project plan.

We appreciate all feedback so that we can continue to create better solutions for your event. Don’t hesitate to reach out.