You can have multiple users in your group. Each with separate user roles and limited access. A user can have different roles in different groups.

In this resource:

  1. Why users
  2. Setup
  3. Roles

1. Why users


  • With your Twebcast user account you can attend events and also access the backend and roles you have been assigned to.
  • Add different users to different groups.
  • Set different user roles (different permissions).

2. Setup

To add users to a group, go to 'Users' tab. Click on the group you want to add a user to. Click 'Add user' and enter the email address.

Edit roles for each user of a group by opening the dropdown under 'Group role'

3. Roles

  • Group administrator
  • Can create new groups within the group, and everything below.
  • Administrator
  • Can add users to a group and everything below.
  • Producer
  • Can edit projects and events.
  • Event controller
  • Can access the live mode of an event.
  • Screen operator
  • Can log in and run a screen client.
  • Event moderator
  • Can moderate incoming answers at an event.
  • Check-in only
  • Can access the check-in client.
  • Stage view
  • Can display a screen client but not control it.
  • Participant
  • Can participate atan event.