Live mode

'Live mode' is the control panel for an event. From here you control the current position on the timeline, choosing when things should change. From here you can also moderate data, handle participants, handle multiple screens, enable or disable menu items, send messages and more.

In this resource:

  1. Why live mode
  2. How to

1. Why live mode

  • To run and control an event from a control panel.
  • To test and preview event as you build them.

2. How to

To start an event from live mode you go to the project, choose what event you want to run by open the drop down button under 'Run event', and enter live mode by clicking on the red button 'Switch to live mode'.

❗ To view the event from participant view and screens, you open them by clicking on the blue button 'Run', and then click on what you want to open. The participant and screen client will be opened in new tabs of your browser.

Pro tip: right-click on the one you want to see, and open in a 'new window' to be able to see the screen simultaneously as you step in live mode.

You can step in live mode both by using keyboard left/right, and clicking on position you want to go to with the mouse.

In the live mode navigation you have more options to control:

Read more about these fields by clicking on the link.