Introduction to project settings

In project settings you have multiple options to control and activate or de-activate:

  • Personal data
    Collect personal data from your participants. If switched off your event will be anonymous and you can't communicate with your participants through email e.g..
  • Registration form
    Choose what data to collect from participants. The registration form is required when collecting personal data.
  • Checkin
    Lets you check in your participants before they enter your event. With a check-in module in your project participants that haven't been checked in can't access content after the check-in module.
  • Waitlist
    Let your participants put themselves on a waitlist if the registration is full. You can view and administrate the waitlist from the Live mode/Participant tab.
  • Password protection
    Protect your project with a password. Participants can't register or access the event without submitting the correct password.
  • Translation
    Translate your participants experience. English is the default language. Swedish is another preset. You can also build your own language/translation for your project.
  • Messaging
    Allow participants to view event messages and network with each other. A message box will appear in the upper right corner of the participants screens.
  • Event agreement
    Edit your standard event agreement for personal data collection. For a registration event you are required to add this at creation of the project, but you can always change it later here. If you change the details here when participants already have registered and agreed they need to re-agree before entering the event next time.
  • Additional event agreement
    Choose an additional agreement that your participants need to give consent to. If the standard agreement doesn't cover what you need for your event you can add your own agreement on top of the default event agreement.
  • Custom email
    Set your own sender email for all outgoing emails. This is used for all emails you send from the Live mode to participant. Not used for system generated emails such as verification codes etc.
  • Bundle events
    Bundle all events and show them as one in event listings. Useful e.g. if you have a series of events under the same title.
  • E-meet
    Enables live video webinar. A moderator decides when to open the functionality from a participant client (Open E-meet controls).
  • Event stream
    Add external live feed/stream to participants. The stream will be embeded on all participant slots on the timeline.
  • Custom styles
    Use custom css for your project, both for the participant and screen client.
  • Event image
    Upload an image to present with your events in listings (when published).
  • Advanced settings
    Lets you control: Screen login URL, invite only on/off, master event on/off, custom data.

How to

Enter your project and click on the tab 'Settings'.