E-meet helps you create gatherings for many participants where attendees can stream video/audio and interact to get things done together. Set moderators that allocate speaking time between participants to structure the event.

In this resource:

  1. Why E-meet
  2. How to

1. Why E-meet

  • If you want the participants to be able to stream audio/video.
  • If you want to enable one or more moderators to allocate speaking time and stream for participants.

2. How to

To add E-meet to a project, go to the project settings and enable E-meet.

Edit settings.

  • Subevent
    Run same emeeting on subevents, or separate or close emeeting on subevents.
  • Track moderation
    Decide how to handle track based E-meeting moderation.
  • Track stream publishing
    Choose published stream state for participants in track based E-meetings.