You can add tracks to make it possible for your event to let participants get different content based on their participant data/answers etc, or if you want to create breakout groups.

In this resource:

  1. Why tracks
  2. How to

1. Why tracks

  • If you want to have different content for different participants at the same time. You can divide the participant based on a participant data value or e.g. ask a question in the All participants track and divide the participants into groups (tracks) based on their answer to the question. Tracks is also often used in combination with E-meet to create video meetings in groups.

2. How to

Go to Timeline tab under your project. By clicking on the blue button 'Add track' you add a new row to the timeline, which is the new timeline for that specific track. By default the new track inherits whatever is in the All participant track. You can make one track inherit from another track if you want.

You need to set a specific condition to be able to create a track. This condition can be based on a field in the registration or a question in the timeline. You can also combine different conditions with AND, OR, NOT.

Now you can start to create content for participants in this track.