This is a system module to connect different questions in a quiz. All questions connected to this module will be part of your competition. The competition summarizes points from all connected questions. You can have multiple competitions in a project.

In this resource:

  1. Why competition modules
  2. How to

1. Why competition modules

  • If you want to count points on questions in a quiz.

2. How to

To create a competition you need to do it in 3 steps:

  1. Create a competition module.
  2. Connect at least one interactive module to the competition module, and make it a 'Quiz' module type.
  3. Connect a result module to the interactive module, and make it a 'Quiz' result module type, if you want to see the results.

See more explanations below:

To add a competition module, go to the project timeline and 'Add module', choose 'Competition', name it, and press 'Select'. The new module will appear in the module library.

Connect the question modules you want to sum up the points for by:

  1. Make it a quiz module.
  2. Connect it to the competition module you have created.

Make the result module you want to show results on a 'Quiz' result module type, connect the interactive module you want to show results from. Choose result style 'Leaderboard' and select 'Retrieve competition data' to display a list of participants and their gathered points.

Drag and drop your interactive module and your result module to the slots you want it in the timeline.

The competition module should only exist in the module library, not on the timeline.