You add interactive modules to your event if you want interactions from the participants.

  • Polls
  • Quizes
  • Matrix questions
  • Upvote questions
  • Ranking questions
  • Branching questions
  • Surveys
  • Free text questions
  • Image uploads

In this resource:

  1. Why interactive modules
  2. How to

1. Why interactive modules

  • If you want to invite the participants to interact with your event.

2. How to

To add an interactive module go to the project and 'Add module', choose 'Interactive', name it, and press 'Select'. The new module will appear in the module library.

Another way is to click the plus sign in the timeline and add the interactive module from there. The module will in this case be placed at the timeline directly.

Click on your new interactive module to edit it.

Drag and drop your interactive module to the slot you want it in the timeline.

❗ If you want to display the result of your interactive module you need to connect a result module, read more about result module.