Partner plans

As a Twebcast partner, you will gain business opportunities and support your clients with a full range of digital and powerful event tools. Our plans let you build, test and demo as much as you want, and support multiple clients at the same time.

Level 1


Certified to resell
Listed Twebcast partner
Referrals from webpage
Templates free of license cost
Free trainings*
Sales material & branded demo*
Access to discounted support & production
Min. 1 Twebcast producer
Level 2


Paid quarterly*
Everything in Level 1
More templates free of license cost
Prioritized access to support & production
Dedicated Twebcast contact person
Min. 2 Twebcast producers
Level 3


Paid quarterly*
Everything in Level 2
More templates free of license cost
Monthly meetings with Twebcast contact
Client specific areas
Influence roadmap
Min. 3 Twebcast producer
*Free trainings in three steps for at least one person from the partnering company. Sales material & branded demo includes a Twebcast presentation with feature descriptions and a partner branded demo.
Partnerships have 3 month binding time.

Included templates

Free from participant license cost*

Level 1
Level 2
Level 3


Registration page and landing page including confirmation email
Basic physical event
Physical event extended
Basic digital event
Digital event extended
* If you make changes in a free template outside of content and design, it will be transferred to a paid event. Limitations on free license events: Maximum 1000 participants/event up to 10000 participants/month. Other fees except participant licenses are charged according to price list.


Depending on partner level you will receive a discount on all costs below related to your events.

Level 1


Level 2


Level 3


Participant licenses
Up to
50 participants
200 participants
500 participants
1000 participants
2000 participants
3000 participants
5000 participants
5000+ participants
Let's talk
Anonymous events (eg public streaming events or polling at conferences) - are charged according to chosen participant limit, and that is also the maximum number of simultaneous participants that is allowed on the event.

Each event you run with Twebcast includes 1 live day and 1 month accessible time.
Extended events are charged 10% additional license cost per extra started live day or accessible month.
Normal rate


0,3€ / hour / participant, 2mbps
0,45€ / hour / participant, 3mbps
0,6€ / hour / participant, 4mbps
0.33€ / GB
Streaming from file
50€ starting fee / file
Video conference (e-meet)
Audio only
0,1€ / hour / participant
0,4€ / hour / participant
HD video
1,2€ / hour / participant
Based on 6,5€ / 1000 minutes, SD | 20€ / 1000 minutes, HD
File storage
2€ / GB / Month
Charged messages
Text message
0.1€ / SMS
0.01€ / Email
Registration confirmation emails are free
0.8 € / login
130€ / hour
140€ / hour
On-site Technician (min 4h)
130€ / hour
On-site Technician 1 day (max 10h)
160€ / hour
Bulk time packages for support:
600€ - 5 hour support / month
1100€ - 10 hour support / month
Support packages are purchased quarterly along with the partnership.