Partner area
Partner area

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If you want to become a partner and take part in all the perks that it gives your company, get in contact:

What is a Twebcast partner?

As a Twebcast partner, you will gain business opportunities from us and support your clients with a full range of digital and powerful event tools. Our plans let you build, test and demo as much as you want, and support multiple clients at the same time.

Partner plans


Payed per quarter
Listed Twebcast partner
Unlimited clients
Unlimited projects
Personal Twebcast contact
Free onboarding package
Referrals from webpage
Sales material, + branded demo
2h phone support / mon
1000 min E-meet demo / mon
Partner templates
Min. 1 Twebcast producer

10% off Event license costs



Payed per quarter
Everything in certified plan
Personal referrals
Impact on feature road map
3h phone support / mon
1500 min E-meet demo / mon
Professional partner templates
Min. 2 Twebcast producer
Min. 500€ event licenses / mon

15% off Event license costs



Payed per quarter
Everything in specialized plan
First in line to referrals
4h phone support / mon
3000 min E-meet demo / mon
Advanced partner templates
Min. 3 Twebcast producer
Min. 1500€ event licenses / mon

20% off Event license costs