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Digital events that engages
How do you create a successful digital event? In addition to a stable technical platform and a suitable studio, the content and quality of the experience is key. Minnesota has the knowledge and creativity to createdynamic and engaging digital events. We help you with relevant content,interactivity and attractive packaging.

Concept& Communication
Reach your audience with an attractive designand a compelling message

- Concept name
- Visual id
- Communications concept
- Save the date and invitation
- Communications plan
- Social media, video and teasers
- Scenography
- Motion graphics and vignettes

Format, message and content
Make your storyengaging and effective

- Speakers and external guests
- Storyboard run-of-the-show
- Workshop set-up
- Interactivity
- Videoproduction

Speakercoaching and training
Prepare for a great performance in front of the camera

- Scriptwriting
- Speakercoaching
- PPT and other image support
- Stage presence
- Camera training

What can we help you with?

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